The main goal of our association is to pique
curiosity, foster confidence and encourage scientific growth of its members.

The Adams Club, named in honor of Dr. Frank Dawson Adams (1859-1942), is a society of graduate students registered in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at McGill University.

Dr. Adams, a native of Montreal, fulfilled the roles of devoted professor and Chairman of the Department of Geological Sciences, as well as Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science, Vice-Principal and Acting-Principal of McGill.

Driven by couriosity, Dr. Adams was a pioneer in experimental geology, an interpreter of the Canadian Shield and a historian of the geological sciences.

Executives/Representatives 2013 - 2014:

President - Nils Backeberg
Vice president - Sarah Bodeving
Treasurer - Jesse Colangelo-Lillis
Secretary - Sri Utami
SEG rep - Karen Siegel and Nicolas Gaillard
GAC rep - Ryan Libbey
Geotop/UQAM reps - Louise-Marie Meunier and Genevieve Elsworth
PGSS Reps - Naomi Barshi and Charlie Beard
AGSEM - Alexander Timofeev
EPS reps - Ichiko Sugiyama and Peter Crockford
Oleg McNoleg rep - Tim Sherry
Social - Rowan Wollenberg and Lucas Kavanagh
Website - Ichiko Sugiyama

General Members 2013 - 2014:

Doctoral Students:

Backeberg, Nils 
Beard, Charlie 
Bui, Thi Hao
Carozza, David
Chen, Qiang
Colangelo-Lillis, Jesse
Coumans, Jason
Cox, Grant
Crockford, Peter
Cyprian, Billa
Fuchs, Sebastian
Gaillard, Nicolas
Gibson, Tim
Hubert-Theou, Lucie
Hurtig, Nicole
Kunzmann, Marcus
Li, Duo
Libbey, Ryan
Lucic, Gregor
Maneta, Victoria
Melosh, Benjamin
Meunier, Louise Marie
Milidragovic, Dejan
Moeller, Volker
Normandeau, Philippe
Patterson, Michael
Pellerin, Andre
Siegel, Karin
Worndle, Sarah
Yang, Longbo

Masters Students:

Barshi, Naomi
Bodeving, Sarah
Bray, Brandon
Elsworth, Genevieve
Fortin, Marc-Antoine
Kavanagh, Lucas
Lix, Claire
Malowany, Kalina
Maguire, Thomas
Pang, Meng
Reyes, Paola
Sugiyama, Ichiko
Timofeev, Alexander
Trofanenko, Joel
Utami, Sri
Wollenberg, Rowan